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Tails.com drtv shoot

Launch of subscription service for tailor-made dog food delivered to the customer’s home. Execution aimed to build on the insight that to owners, their dog (and every dog) is different and thus their food should be too. Shot in two days in homes belonging to the client and friends using dogs...

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Wrap.me Drtv Shoot

We created this charming ad for WRAP.ME in just four weeks from briefing to on-air using family and friends for cast to keep costs down. Shot on location in West London – a power cut in the street outside meant we were down to one light for half the shoot time...

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Panasonic Combi Oven Shoot

We filmed 12 recipes presented by TV Chef Jun Tanaka showcasing the Panasonic Steam Combi Oven. They were shot over 3 days using two cameras. Jun was not a well bunny on the shoot, but soldiered through. A true pro!

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MYA Cosmetic Surgery Shoot

MYA is a cosmetic surgery company that cherishes its brand look and image. We created an ad that reflected the brand’s distinctive identity using real customer testimonials. The girls were shot in a green screen studio then combined with a fashion catwalk environment created using CGI

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