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MYA Gym Shoot

Great shot with our lovely clients from MYA and some of their customers. A long, hard day as we were shooting material for two commercials - but made fun...

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Oakam Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes look at the making of the Oakam DRTV ad. Filmed over 2 days at a house in Ealing and the client's store in Shepards Bush

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What Oakam said about the making of their TV ad

We had a great time while filming for our new TV advert, if you've not seen it yet take a look on the Ask Oakam page. Read on through to find out more about our filming experience and why we chose real customers...

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IBC 2016 Conference Amsterdam

What we learnt from the keynote address by the global MD of Havas. Basically what we’ve believed for a long time – your DRTV ads better work on every media channel, not just TV! “The 50-year party is over”...

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Testimonials in DRTV

Testimonials – how to get them right. These extracts from a blog by US marketer Graeme Newell seem to us to be on the money when it comes to DRTV testimonial ads and how to make them work...

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Think Money/Ocean Finance Idents for Wayne Rooney testimonial

These Idents were for the Wayne Rooney Testimonial match on BT Sport and we produced them in record time. Great fun had animating the credit card playing football and it’s not often you get to play with footballs at work

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