DANCING Aardvarks

Direct Response TV Ad Agency

About us

Dancing Aardvarks is a unique combination of production company and ad agency. That means we reduce costs by avoiding double (and more) mark-ups and chains of contact - you talk to and work with the people who will make your ad, not a bunch of go-betweens.

With our ad agency hat on we are able to think strategically about products or services. That influences the way we approach creating DRTV concepts that are response driven yet also act as a flagship for the brand. With our production company hat on we make the ads in the most cost effective way we can.

We use regular crews that we have built a relationship with over the years so they give us great deals, in exchange, we pay them the day after the shoot – that keeps us lean and mean – nice to know if you have a limited test budget or are a new start-up.

Our Team

Creating Aardvark

Mike Reynolds: Creative Partner

Mike was a board director of 5 of London¹s top 10 ad agencies including McCann Erickson and O&M before joining Osprey, one of the first specialist multi media Direct Response agencies which he helped build to more than £50 million, winning the launch of SKY television and a number of other high profile accounts.

His famous campaigns include Wonder of Woolies; R Whites secret lemonade drinker; Domecq sherry featuring Orson Welles. He has worked on major blue chip brands from Nescafe to Levis, Martini to Seiko. He has been a judge on the Clio awards and has himself won all the major awards in the UK, Europe and the USA.

He has written and directed more than 200 TV commercials including dozens of DRTV and now creates and directs our DRTV commercials -always with a strategic eye on ROI.

Producing Aardvark

Brian Wiseman: Partner, Producer / Editor

Brian has vast experience in editing all genres of programming, from The Big Match flagship football programme, through Orm & Cheep and Jackanory to editing and occasionally directing many classic pop videos for artistes ranging from Kate Bush to Black Sabbath, Godley & Crème to Queen.

Before starting Dancing Aardvarks, Brian was MD of two multi national post production companies with offices throughout Europe.

He is one of the few people in the TV ad production world that is also mentioned on IMDb.

Brian does the hard stuff like producing, budgeting, organising and editing our DRTV Commercials.

Clever Stuff Aardvark

Nicolas Wiseman: Partner, Designer / Colourist

Nick is a talented designer with an in-depth understanding of the latest computer software used to create both 2D and 3D graphic movie sequences.

He has been responsible for designing many programme titles and graphic sequences for among others the BBC and Channel 4. He's won an IVCA for the Norton Bikeman animated TV series.

He is responsible for the graphical elements of our DRTV Commercials including original character creation and animation and works closely with Mike Reynolds on set to ensure special affects are seamless.

Nick has a great love of 1950s space art and is a huge fan of the architect Zaha Hadid.

Co-ordinating Aardvark

Juliet Thompson: Producer/Clearcast Co-Ordinator

For the past 10 years Juliet has worked as an Agency TV Production Manager, specialising in the DRTV market and has developed a close relationship with many at Clearcast.

Her experience includes an active involvement in the post-production of US creatives brought to the UK and in UK commercial shoots, editing and graphics.

She manages the compliance process for all UK copy with Clearcast and is responsible for final copy clearances, commercial trafficking.

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